Neutral Tandem (Name WIP)

An unlikely convergence

An unlikely convergence

The Letter

Several months prior, each of you received a letter. The letter was addressed directly to you and asked that you be at a location just outside of Restwell Keep on a specific day. Some of you hesitated, wary of the intention of the letter or even how the letter found you considering that some of you were far away from home at the time. Curiosity caught the better of you, and you set out to meet the letter’s requirements.

The Arrival

Asteron was first to arrive at the camp, finding a lit fire, a small cooking station and a jailers wagon. The camp was otherwise empty. Sadie arrived next and, despite his intially intimidating presence, bonded with Asteron quickly over the letters they received. While they attempted to figure out the letters together Chester and Kar’vel joined. Kar’vel took to the warm fire and started making himself tea while Chester tried to keep her composure as they had not seen a minatour in real life, only in childhood stories. Chesters nerves took a bigger hit when Sackcloth, a tall Drow, appeared from the brush and walked straight through the group. Everyone initially was on edge during Sackcloth’s appearence given the Drow’s reputation. As the group settled down a bit and tried to understand the letters they had received a pale blue skinned dwarf appeared. After calling out to everyone by their names and confirming their presence the dwarf called out one final name, Jarwald, extended his hand with a scroll in it, and as the scroll was taken he broke apart into a puddle of rotting flesh and organs. Initial inspection seemed to be that the dwarf was under a thrall spell. It seemed the undead dwarf’s purpose was fulfilled. The group tried opening the scroll but a magical force kept it closed.

The Assignment

The group, unfamiliar with each other and the area, set off to find someone named Jarwald. As they made their way toward Restwell Keep they happened upon an Inn, the Bear & Ale Tavern. As they entered the tavern they were forced to surrender their weapons at the door for safety. They enter the tavern and learn that the owner of the tavern is Jarwald. Asteron delivers the scroll to Jarwald informing him that his group was only sent as a messenger and they did not know the origin, contents, nor the intention of the scroll. Jarwald immediately became skeptical of this. As one of the servers started to tend to the group Jarwald opened the scroll. As soon as the Innkeeper cracked the scroll seal, terrible things happened:

  • Purple streamers of strange smoke poured out from the seal.
  • All the doors and window shuttered closed and locked.
  • A booming voice was heard to say: “You stole my inn, brother! Father left it to me, and you stole it away, and now you will pay! My share of the inheritance has gone to place this curse, and though it costs me my life… it will cost you yours as well!”

The seal on the parchment broke apart, and the glowing shards flew about to various parts of the room, forming shards with a green radiance. The strange purple formed 5 separate portals which a number of undead creatures stepped through. Armed with only chairs, benches, and dinner plates, the group took to taking down the undead creatures. As they fought Asteron felt a presence coming from the basement. This undead figure immediately attacked Asteron, but as the fight went on Asteron realized that the presence he felt was coming from this creature and it’s source was a long lost friend, or at least something that remained of them: Braiggen. After a bit of coaxing from Asteron, Braiggen “came to” and recognized Asterson, though he wasn’t his usual self at this time.

Braiggen turned on his undead “friends” and helped clear the tavern of the curse that was caused by the scroll. Jarwald survived the ordeal, immediately accused the group of working with his missing brother Kurgen and fled the Inn.

The Accused

After collecting themselves, talking over the events, and trying to get their weapons back they decided to leave the Inn. As they were walking toward the door a loud, authorative voice called out for them to exit the tavern and immediately drop their weapons. As they exited they came upon the city guard and their leader Fallek. Standing behind Fallek was Jarwald, who told Fallek of the events and charged them with his attempted assasination. Fallek listened to your story of events and decided to jail you for Restwell Keep’s safety. Your weapons and belongings were collected by one of Fallek’s assistants, Syradon, and you were escorted through the main gates of the Keep and to separate cells where you spent the night.


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